How a Skin Cancer Screening Can Save Your Life

Your dermatologist in Savannah, GA, can protect your health

Do you regularly examine your skin and visit your dermatologist regularly for a skin cancer screening? If you aren’t taking these steps, you could be at an increased risk of skin cancer and not even realize it. In fact, skin cancer screenings can help save you from skin cancer, a condition that can be serious and even fatal. Dr. Adam S. Pritzker of Savannah Dermatology Clinic in Savannah, GA, offers a wide range of skincare services, including skin cancer screenings to protect your health. 

More about Skin Cancer

There are several types of skin cancer. While some are mild and easily treatable, others, like malignant melanoma, can be fatal. Regular skin cancer screenings can detect skin cancer in its early stages, when it is at it's most treatable. After all, early skin cancer diagnosis results in early treatment, which can lead to a better outcome for you.

You are at greater risk of developing skin cancer if you have fair skin and spend a lot of time outside. That’s why one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself is to wear sunscreen every day, even if you are outside for just a few minutes.

You should do a self-check of your skin regularly, and look for abnormal red areas of skin or open sores that don’t heal. You should also check your moles and look for any moles that:

  • Have a diameter greater than 6 millimeters
  • Are not well-defined and have ragged, irregular borders
  • Are asymmetrical or irregularly-shaped
  • Are painful, itchy, red, or swollen
  • Have recurred after a previous mole was removed

If you notice any changes in your skin like the ones listed above, contact your dermatologist for a professional skin cancer screening. Your dermatologist may find moles that you can’t see, and may suggest a biopsy of suspicious moles. During a biopsy, a small sample of skin cells is placed under a microscope to look for precancerous and cancerous changes. A biopsy helps determine the type of cancer and can lead to the best course of treatment. 

Concerned? Give us a Call

Remember that a skin cancer screening can save your life! To learn more about skin cancer screenings, skin cancer treatment, and other skincare topics, call Dr. Adam S. Pritzker of Savannah Dermatology Clinic in Savannah, GA, today by dialing (912) 352-8974.

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